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Every Home Has a Story

When I reflect back on the hundreds of properties I've worked on, it is often with bittersweet feelings. Not only did I help sell a property, I was part of one chapter closing and another beginning. I was part of the solution when often, their previous methods and agents were unsuccessful. Every address and every client, have a special place in my heart. We shared quite a journey. Navigated emotional negotiations, overcame objections.

The following, are just a few examples.

The first home, located in Beachwood, NJ. Had a story. To some, that story may have been that this was a bungalow in need of repair, on an undersized (35') property that bordering a not so picturesque Route 9. That was not the story I would tell. What I saw was a family's beloved summer home. For generations past. Memories were made here. I believe I was the fourth agent to list this home. The first of them to hire a professional photographer. And not just any professional photographer, the best architectural photographer in the county. It didn't matter to me that this was a just a 100k property. It was still worthy of impeccable presentation. After I had my media I researched for more details to add to the story. I learned of the history of this quaint shore town, known as "The pearl in the bed of the Toms River." and I ran with that. Shortly thereafter, we were accepting an offer. -The top photo was from the former listing. The bottom was taken by Motion City Media's Frank Zyrinsky who made this little cottage look amazing.

In the second set of photos I highlight the power of strategic accessories. Formerly, agents had told the owners "Buyers do not want cherry cabinets." I felt differently. I saw beauty and potential that wasn't being highlighted. I saw custom wine storage, upgraded appliances. Even a beverage cooler! So off I went. Shopping for accessories and of course, followed by professional photographs. Within the two weeks that followed, we were in receipt of multiple offers.

When I look at the third home, I have so many emotions. This 1985, custom waterfront contemporary was home to just one family. 27 years of memories. A true dream home in its day. And a bit of a time warp with lavish 1985 lacquer cabinetry and décor. It was also bittersweet. The owner's health declining. Hurricane Sandy came through. I remember the uncertainty, especially in the waterfront areas. The feeling of helplessness as an advisor to a client who needed to sell. And then,,, a miracle. December of 2012, just over one month after the super storm and while the interior contents of so many homes were piled on the curb, we accepted an offer from a NY buyer.

-The top photo was from the previous listing. I hired Motion City Media to photograph it and as you can see, the home came to life.

There's a recipe in all this. 1 part love, 1 part dedication, 1 part skill and 1 part prayer.

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