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Wine and Wisdom

One evening, while sharing Riesling with my dear friend, she began to tell of some individuals who had wronged her in the past. Taking advantage of her in business and in another instance, borrowing money they would never repay. She spoke about changing her kind and generous ways, the very ways that make her loved by so many. I let her speak and while I listened to her words, I began to think back to the years earlier, when she and I first met. At that time, while successful and living a seemingly good life, it was merely a fraction of the success enjoyed by the woman who now sat across from me. When she finished her recant, I asked for permission to share my thoughts. "Those persons will never reciprocate, repay you or thank you. It's not in them. But the Universe, God (or whatever your beliefs) has. They watched closely, they paid attention and look at how much they've blessed you."

I've been on her side of the table as I'm sure you have as well. It stings. Don't lose sight of the big picture, focusing on the few. And don't ever dim your light.

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